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A kitchen to transform

A kitchen to transform


-About $ 30,000

Annie Dupont and Mathieu Desjardins bought a duplex three years ago, in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. After changing several windows in the house, built in 1930, and solidifying the structure, they now want to renovate the kitchen.

“It is not at all functional,” cried Annie. It is immensely large, but it is unpleasant. The range is far from the refrigerator and the sink. And the cupboards are not deep enough. ”

The former owner housed lodgers, explains Mathieu. There was a small living room in the back, where the young couple put the table and chairs.

“It was not suitable for a family,” he says. We who love to receive are stuck in a small space when the time comes to eat. ”

Also consider: growing children. Alexis and Samuel, the two sons of Annie and Mathieu, are respectively 6 and 5 years old.

The redevelopment

The architect Guy Demers submits a single proposal, which seems logical to him.

“The table should be placed in front of the French window,” he believes. And the sink should be in front of the window, which overlooks the garden. The corner where the table is currently located is also ideal for furnishing a kitchen. It will be out of the way, it will be quieter.

“My proposal is very rational,” he continues. You have to touch a wall, because a dining room must be a minimum of 10 feet in width. You’re about two feet missing. ”

It therefore encroaches on the master bedroom, which has two doors and is located next to the kitchen. Part of the wall is set back about two feet, as is the door which gives access to the room. The second bedroom door is eliminated to allow the installation of a large wardrobe.

“What you lose in space, you gain in cupboards,” says the architect. The two large pieces of furniture on either side of the window in your bedroom will no longer be really necessary. ”

“The dining room will be almost 11 feet wide,” appreciates Annie. There it is viable! ”

She does not like, however, that the door to their bedroom is next to the dining room. Currently, the door to the kitchen is blocked. It is always the one that gives in the corridor, which is used.

“It’s the only drawback,” she says.

“Yes, but we win a wardrobe and we see that a real dining room is created,” reminds Mathieu.

“And we’ll eat in front of the garden, agrees Annie.” Whereas now, we are between walls and in front of nothing! ”

The laundry room, opposite the master bedroom, is enlarged by almost three feet. The washer and dryer, currently stacked, can thus be placed side by side to facilitate the folding of the laundry.

“The two walls of the dining room, at the back, will be equal,” observes Mathieu. There will be no more nook! ”

The cost? About $ 30,000, estimates Guy Demers. Because you have to completely redo the kitchen and refurbish part of the master bedroom and enlarge the laundry room.

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