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A warm wall

Fanny and Claude live in a house in Plateau-Mont-Royal, which they have just enlarged to form a dining room overlooking the courtyard. “The house has no particular style,” explains Claude. No oak paneling or plaster ornaments. The lines are simple and straight, with lots of white surfaces. For the new section, we were looking for something that brings warmth.

“We saw what Christian Larocque did at Luce, at the end of our lane,” continues Claude. We told ourselves that the barn wood would coexist harmoniously with the white brick, the industrial light and the other motley elements of our home, an IKEA island, a teak table, etc. ”

The couple entrusted their party wall to the artisan-carpenter. It is now covered with barn wood and, when you take a look at the side of the French window, it seems an extension of the exterior fence, made of natural wood.

“It makes the room very, very friendly,” says Claude. We received a lot during the holiday season and it was very warm. ”

“Christian is an artist, and that’s what touched us in his work, reports Fanny. He studied different arrangements of the boards until he found his solution. ”

“We did a lot, renovations, and we never saw anyone work like him,” adds Claude. He sought to highlight a little bark, the grain of the wood, a brighter color; he aligned the traces of a sawmill, created a small tablet … as if he were carving a bas-relief. ”

“It’s a bit like painting an abstract painting,” confirms Christian Larocque. Every decision is weighed. ”

Before starting a project of this kind, Christian chooses his boards and stores them in his house for at least two weeks, to ensure that the wood, accustomed to bad weather, dries and shrinks to the maximum.

Building the wall for Fanny and Claude, which is 12 feet long by 8 feet high, cost $ 1,500, everything – design, construction and materials – included. “It is not much more expensive than installing tapestry,” say the happy owners.

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