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Melamine: extreme metamorphoses

fter the invasion of melamine in our homes, the decor returned to more natural-looking materials. But don’t throw your old-fashioned shelf away too quickly: the new Recycled Furniture guide from the “I decorate” collection suggests ideas to make it “a masterpiece of inventiveness”.

With their latest publication, Pratico-Pratiques editions are exploiting a winning vein: that which involves giving a second life to your furniture while engaging in a satisfying creative activity.

The handyman will also be delighted to harmonize with the rest of the decor his furniture stored in the basement, so ugly, but still so solid.

“Almost everyone has an old melamine shelf at home and we dare not throw it away because it is still in good condition,” says editor Caty Brub.

She suggests repainting it, giving it a false finish, sticking decoration elements on it or redesigning it otherwise: clover-shaped inserts in the doors and the interior repainted in pink for a little girl’s wardrobe, for example example.

When the stages of transforming a table or a chest of drawers can be condensed into two full photo pages, it is clear that recycling furniture is within everyone’s reach.

It takes a few basic tools, time, ideas and patience.

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