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Find a functional kitchen

Jane Renaud and Michel Eric bought their duplex duplex two years ago on the outskirts of Outremont. Accustomed to living in a large house, they chose to move into a smaller apartment to enjoy the neighborhood life.

“Our two oldest children have left home and the third will graduate in May,” says Jane. When he leaves for the apartment next summer, the youngest will take his place in the basement. ”

Julien’s room will therefore become available on the ground floor. The couple plans to move the office there, currently stuck in a small room between the kitchen and the master bedroom. The vacant space would be used to expand the kitchen, as would the closet in the master bedroom.

“We used to have a large sunny kitchen,” says Jane. So we want to make this kitchen more functional, by having a dining area. The house, built in 1931, has a service staircase behind the kitchen, which limits us. We would like to open between the kitchen and the dining room to let in the light. We would take this opportunity to mount the washer and dryer on the ground floor. ”

The architect Guy Demers submits three proposals to them. “The service staircase is a constraint,” he notes. It’s tempting to remove it and I did it in the last option. It’s easy to add one outside, at the back. ”

Michel is more open to the idea of ​​moving the stairs than Jane. “It is a possibility that I would not immediately dismiss,” he says.

In the first proposal, cabinets and a work plan are added along the fenestrated wall. They extend into the pantry, which disappears. The sink takes place in front of the window.

Encroaching on the adjacent desk, the kitchen is enlarged enough to install a dining area. A four-foot opening is made between the kitchen and the dining room.

The closet in the master bedroom is enlarged on each side, making use of the space in the two adjacent closets. The rest of the office becomes a large laundry room, complete with a work plan, cupboards and a sink.

“It’s a shame to give so much space to a laundry room,” says Jane. I’d rather have a bigger closet in my room. ”

In the second proposal, access to the service staircase is modified. The door to borrow it is in the corridor. The kitchen thus gains a lot of worktops and cupboards. The large pantry, on the other hand, is no longer accessible and becomes wasted space. A dining area is provided, but the stools are on the side of the dining room, which Jane and Michel do not find very practical. Jane, on the other hand, likes the transformation of the office into a huge walk-in closet for the master bedroom and a good sized laundry room.

In the third proposition, the service staircase disappears. “There is a kitchen there!” Exclaims Michel, seeing the plan. A large dining area is located in front of the window. The pantry is placed next to a sliding door, which gives access to the dining room. A laundry room and a closet share what remains of the old office.

“We don’t need such a large dining area in the kitchen,” says Jane.

The two owners plan to mix the first two proposals, combining the kitchen of the first proposal with the layout of the laundry room and the wardrobe in the second option.

The cost? $ 25,000, $ 30,000 or $ 35,000, respectively, for the first, second and third proposals, says Guy Demers. The bill varies according to the size of the kitchen and the work done around the staircase. In the first proposal, the cheapest, the staircase remains intact. In the second it is slightly modified, while in the last it is completely removed. This leads to more demolition.

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