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A bathroom to move

Lyne Cloutier and Sylvain Laquerre bought their duplex in 1987, in the Rosemont district. The bathroom, which is tiny and leads directly into the kitchen, annoys them deeply. So they want to move it.

“Removing it will automatically expand the kitchen and the adjacent office,” says Lyne. Two large rooms, the living room and their bedroom, make up the rest of the apartment. Two doors give access to each of them, recalling that they were double rooms during the construction of the house, around 1925. A long corridor separates them.

Lyne and Sylvain would move the bathroom to the center of the accommodation, encroaching on the living room. It seems natural to them since the washer and dryer are already there, hidden behind doors. What would remain of the room would become their bedroom. The living room would take place on the other side of the corridor. “We don’t need such a large room,” says Lyne.

The couple would take the opportunity to open more to the rear. “We like the outdated character of the accommodation, but it is dark,” says Sylvain.

The architect Guy Demers submits three proposals to them. In all three cases, the bathroom moves to the center of the house. In the kitchen, the door giving access to the garden and the adjacent window are replaced by two French doors. And the couple wins a wardrobe.

In all three cases, moreover, the room is reduced and remains in the same place. “The living room retains its function because it is wider than the bedroom and its window is more open. Nothing obstructs the view. ”

In the first option, the kitchen backs up, encroaching on the bedroom. U-shaped, it has lots of worktops and cupboards. It opens onto a large dining room, which has a beautiful view of the garden.

The bathroom being eliminated, the wall that separates the kitchen from the office is extended to the exterior wall. The small bathroom window should then disappear.

A wardrobe takes place in the corridor. The bedroom has a huge wardrobe.

The washer and dryer do not move. They are found in the new bathroom which encroaches on the living room. This one is more open.

In the second proposal, an entire side of the accommodation becomes a huge multipurpose space. “By removing the bathroom, I take the opportunity to open it completely and make the corridor disappear,” emphasizes Guy Demers.

A large bathroom is fitted between the kitchen and the bedroom. The space on the other side of the accommodation becomes completely free. The living room and the office, open one on the other, are very bright.

The kitchen gains three feet by extending into the corridor, with the addition of a huge wardrobe style pantry. A huge work plan and cupboards line the room. A wardrobe and a storage space (back to the pantry) take place in the corridor.

Lyne and Sylvain are pleasantly surprised. They like the idea of ​​the huge open space.

In the third proposal, the architect took up the idea of ​​the large multifunctional room, integrating as much storage space as possible. The kitchen, which is once again three feet wide, has even more cupboards and worktops. The table, attached to the work plan that extends to the center of the room, enjoys a beautiful view of the garden.

The bathroom is very spacious. Two large storage spaces border the access. A wardrobe faces the entrance.
Lyne and Sylvain both prefer the second proposition. “I like having space to breathe, appreciates Sylvain. Even if it’s very open, you don’t see the whole place when you open the door! ”

Lyne also accepts the first proposal, which is more conservative.
The costs? In all three cases, the kitchen and the bathroom have to be redone. The invoice therefore varies a lot depending on their dimensions. In the three options, moreover, installing French doors, as well as closing the small bathroom window, involves masonry repair work. The first proposal would cost around $ 45,000 to make, estimates Guy Demers. The second would cost around $ 50,000. The third, which has the largest bathroom and the most elaborate kitchen, is the most expensive. A budget of approximately $ 55,000 will be required.

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