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Fake antique beams

These beams, in tormented relief as if they had been squared with an ax, are not structural or load-bearing. They are purely decorative.

Made of polyurethane, they are stable, indifferent to humidity and are intended to reproduce ceiling details of houses of yesteryear. In addition, they are very light and easy to install.

“What excites the DIY women, more numerous and skillful than ever,” said the director of the Home Hardware store in Charny, André Jacques.

Because hollow or U-shaped, they can hide electric wires, pipes, smaller joists, but with a less attractive appearance. “In fact, there is no loss of space,” says Jacques.

A beam four inches wide by four inches high and a length of 14’9 “is priced at around $ 130. This, at the Charny retailer as well as among all the others in Quebec,

At the Chalet Show, graduating decorators from the Marie-Rollet Vocational Training School (Rochebelle) persuasively used these false beams to give a country living room “great strength of character”.

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