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Exterior doors: fiberglass enters

Exterior doors: fiberglass enters

Want to sell your property or want to change? It’s time to replace your exterior door to make the house more inviting. You have to go with your heart, while respecting the style of the house.

Among the novelties this year, the fiberglass door will be featured. “In my opinion, this is a product that is now perfect,” says Patrice Lamy, president of the specialist distributor Verre Select.

Two large families of doors are on the market, Novobois and Climatec. The first is a very good imitation of wood, and is 35% cheaper than the solid wood door. “In addition, she does not crack, because she works less. I would even say that it is seven times better insulated for the same thickness as a solid wooden door. And it’s easy to care for, ”says Lamy. The second, Climatec, is a mass-colored door painted in the factory. “It has great impact resistance and is difficult to mark,” he says. Patrice Lamy says that fiberglass is more resistant than steel, the door material currently the most sold on the market.

At Home Depot, the choice of models in store does not vary much, but customers can acquire them by special order. Just go to the company website, in this case Masonite, to find the information.

This manufacturer has created 160 models of fiberglass doors. Masonite praises their “durability, resistance to dents, splitting, cracking and deformation”. These fiberglass doors are available smooth or textured (wood grain) and can be painted or stained. “In the Maritimes, because of the salty air and humidity, the fiberglass door is the most sold,” notes Sylvio Pintal, director of the Home Depot branch in Saint-Jérôme.

Here, according to him, the fiberglass door does not yet attract the attention of consumers, although it is very resistant and lighter.

The fiberglass door costs about $ 200 more than the steel door, all things considered.

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