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Wall-to-wall wood

Wall-to-wall wood

An exposed wall can also be beautiful. This is the bet of Samuel Archambault, young space designer at Archambault Novak Design. In a Lachine cottage, he laid bare the ceiling and the wall in the hallway of the ground floor accommodation, keeping only the old slats for an urban and trendy look.

“We stripped the walls by removing the plaster. It was found that the slats were in very good condition. I only cleaned them with a garden glove, rubbed them a bit, and that’s it. They have kept the stained look of the plaster, ”says Archambault.

It was by opening the living room wall to enlarge the space that he noticed the quality of the wood. This wall being load-bearing, he kept a little more than a third of it. The new pine beam that supports the structure is 18 feet long … “It’s 12 by 12 by 18, it’s massive!”, He says.

This half-wall is now composed of horizontal slats slightly spaced from each other. To garnish the ceiling, he recovered the slats from the load-bearing wall and placed them in the opposite direction to the floor for an offset effect. We thus obtain in the apartment a long strip of wood leading to a “loophole”, the skylight of the old pantry which overlooked the back.

“On the ceiling, under the wooden slats, I put black gypsum. I also installed electrical boxes to lower the wires with the bulbs at the end. It gives a very strong look in the evening, ”underlines the designer, who also manages, with three partners, the restaurant Les Cons Servent, on avenue Papineau.

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