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The art of separating the kitchen from the dining room

The art of separating the kitchen from the dining room

The owners of a residence in poor condition in Hampstead, on the island of Montreal, called on the architects of the agency Corriveau, Girard and associates to renovate it. Among the challenges to be met were the complete redevelopment of the rooms, the addition of a floor and, above all, the subtle dividing line between the kitchen, ideal for quick meals, and the dining room, a place dedicated to dinners. with family.

A staircase in the heart of the house

“For each residential project, we analyze the lifestyle, as well as the requirements of the occupants and, in this case, we have developed a neighborhood for children, on the ground floor, and another, in the floor, reserved for parents, explains Pierre Corriveau, associate architect. The point of union between the two is the staircase. The latter is bordered by a large panel made up of two walls of tempered glass, between which a colored film has been inserted, ”he says.

Delightful, this transparent glass panel skillfully emphasizes the boundary between the kitchen and the dining room while filtering natural light. Better still, its chartreuse yellow hue “gives radiance” to the environment. Due to the presence of a tempered glass railing with a frosted finish on the side of the dining room, an optical effect comparable to stained glass is also given. As a bonus, this anti-depress arrangement enhances the look of the staircase and gives it a unique style.

Two spaces, two ways to eat

The reflex to open the kitchen to the dining room has become widespread in residential construction in Quebec. But in the eyes of Pierre Corriveau, this development trend is not necessarily appropriate for all families. Indeed, that of Hampstead’s residence wanted a demarcation to be made between the two living spaces. Why? “Because these two pieces have a particular function and even energy,” he says. The highly technical kitchen allows you to prepare dishes, eat on the go at the island counter or get together for an informal aperitif. Conversely, the dining room offers downtime, ideal for enjoying a family meal. This sacred moment was essential in the eyes of the owners, ”says the architect.

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