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Canadians adopt eco-friendly mowers

Canadians adopt eco-friendly mowers

Al Hogg’s mother likes to hear the clicking of a good old manual roller mower and she is not the only Canadian to stop polluting to push. The 70-year-old lady has been imitated by thousands of people who have abandoned their noisy motor mower to reduce pollution and get more exercise. 

Mr. Hogg, who owns a hardware store, has noticed a significant increase in the sale of roller mowers to people with smaller lawns. “I should say that in general there has been a trend towards this in the past few years,” he said. (People want to) stay active and help the environment.

” However, Professor Gordon Bloom of the Department of Physical Education at McGill University argues that using a roller mower can be difficult for those with no experience. “You have to push harder and exercise your legs more,” he said. 

He added that someone considering using a roller mower for the first time should consider warming up first. “It can be easier to just go for a walk when you’ve stretched your leg muscles and increased your heart rate a little.” Bloom also said that asking inactive kids to cut the lawn with a roller mower could be a good way to get them moving around a bit during the summer. 

Home Depot director John DeFranco says the company has noticed a gradual shift from gasoline mowers to roller mowers over the past seven years. He believes that the Pollution Control Program, which offers discounts to people who bring their old gas mowers, has played an important role in this trend. 

The program is carried out in cooperation with the Clean Air Foundation of Canada. “What we were able to do was talk to consumers and explain the benefits to them,” said DeFranco. The Home Depot has collected 17,000 lawnmowers and trimmers in the past seven years, with 2007 being an exceptional year, according to the director. He argued that more than 5,000 devices were brought back in 10 days in April compared to less than 100 in the first year of the program. “Gasoline mowers and lawn trimmers and small engines in Canada emit 10 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions each year. As the world tries to emit less, it’s a simple way to do it, ”said DeFranco. 

He noted that people, more health conscious, in urban areas like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, where the lawns are smaller, were more likely to return their gasoline appliance to adopt a roller mower.

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