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An old barracks with aquatic hues

An old barracks with aquatic hues

It is an old barracks of the Golden Square Mile with walls colored in blues and greens. But not pastel shades: the green of the kitchen cabinets is more pigmented than Kermit the frog! We can imagine the owner as flamboyant as her residence. She is a writer (who wishes to remain anonymous), a native of Vancouver. She understands that her choice of colors does not immediately appeal to visitors.

She wanted her universe to be “bright”. And let the decor remind him of the coastal landscapes of his childhood. 

“It’s very joyful [as a decoration], especially in winter,” she argues. Only two pieces move away from the aquatic chromatic circle.

The main bathroom – tone-on-tone sand ceramic – and the office on the second level (yellow walls, wooden floor). This room occupies two old bedrooms and there is green there too: three windows overlook an effusion of foliage at the back of the house.

Two homes together

This unique and historic property is for sale for the first time. 

Barracks No. 28 had changed its vocation in 1983, after years of abandonment, to house two condominiums in 1984. Madame is well aware of this first transformation: she was one of the first co-owners. She acquired her neighbor’s condo a few years later with the intention of creating a single house totaling 3000 square feet on three levels. 

“The house was redesigned and rebuilt at that time” by Todd Richards of Grenier + Richards architects.

The main entrance has been moved to one side on the front facade. The direction of the stairs has been reversed (to accommodate the new entrance) and walls have fallen to clear the new open staircase. It zigzags from the ground floor to the second and third levels. We see the large volumes with high ceilings, with the library on the top floor and the living room 24 feet by 17 with fireplace down …

This major refurbishment completed in 2005 included plumbing. The three bathrooms are therefore fairly new. Ditto for the two bathrooms. Blue mosaic in the other, red … fire in the other! 

As for the frog green in the kitchen, it is Benjamin Moore’s color “Easter Lily”, specifies in a telephone interview Jeffrey Parsons, the one who managed the site. (He remembers the name; his client quickly decided on it because it “sounded good”.) 

Several windows light up the living rooms where horses once lived. Animals pulled cars – parked in the current living room and in the garage below – until the 1930s.

Smoke Anecdotes

The fire station apparently took the path of the containers during the first demolition work. The previous owners had had time to collect it and put it back in place. 

“My friends’ children like to let themselves slide,” reports the owner, who apparently doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Another anecdote, squalls in the chimney had started the alarm system unnecessarily a few times. One day, she hadn’t called the firefighters quickly enough and they had gone there. For nothing. “I had invited them to enter anyway. I think they were happy to be able to walk around inside. ”

Living in this former barracks of the City of Montreal is a rare privilege. The asking price: 3.9 million. To this, the purchaser will have to add annual charges representing half of the average annual salary of a firefighter.

The building itself is a freestone and brick building. He sits on stone foundations. You can read the motto of the Montreal coat of arms on the facade, Concordia Salus. There are three terraces, one on the roof, one near the master bedroom, another near the kitchen.

Field ? Ten thousand square feet landscaped, several mature trees. With a detached heated garage and a long driveway.

All this planted in the city center near Avenue des Pins and the Museum of Fine Arts, sideways with the Shriners hospital. The trails of Mont-Royal Park border the property. 

Inside only the gray marble mantel of the living room foyer has been preserved, a relic of the old firefighters’ shower room – that and the post. The fire and the water that meet …

The property in brief:

Asking price: $ 3,900,000

Year of construction: 1909

Number of rooms: 16 including 4 bedrooms + 3 bathrooms + 2 shower rooms

Includes part of the window coverings, gas stove, three refrigerators, dishwasher, washer, dryer.

Municipal Assessment (2012): $ 2,063,600

Property tax (2012): $ 19,467

School taxes (2011): $ 4,034

Close to several consulates, McGill University and Mount Royal Park 

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