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A loft in the Mile-Ex

A loft in the Mile-Ex

It is a somewhat rough area around the edges. Garages and old factories rub shoulders with duplexes and a few flat-roof bungalows. This industrial and variegated fabric attracts creatives in Mile-Ex – contraction of “Mile-End” and “Parc Extension” – between which is this emerging district. It is partly enclosed by railways.

Sign that does not lie: architects have taken up residence or fitted out their offices in this corner of the city.

Little Italy and the Jean-Talon market are within reach.

All this had pleased the dancer and choreographer Shirley Marquis. The Montrealer had discovered Mile-Ex by going for a walk south of “his” rue Beaubien. She had noticed renovated buildings. “They had the style I was looking for. When I started looking to buy a property, I went back to look over there. ”

She acquired a loft at Ateliers Marconi in June 2006.

“I arranged the space so that I could work there. By positioning the furniture around the central area, I manage to have enough space to create and rehearse in the loft, ”says the one who choreographs numbers for professional circus artists and gymnasts.

“I installed an aerial fabric on the steel beams of the ceiling. These beams are also one of the reasons that made me fall in love with the place, “says the 36-year-old woman (because it allows a secure hanging).

The Ateliers Marconi are real lofts in a former Jean-Talon corner textile factory. The high wooden slat ceilings were preserved during the residential transformation. The beams too, like the sprinklers on the ceilings and the exposed steel columns. The floors are covered with concrete slabs.

For sale or for rent

The door of Mrs. Marquis’s house opens into the main room of the loft and this large gray and smooth expanse; this is what we notice when entering.

On the right we see the kitchen. There is a stone counter and several cupboards built below and above the worktop.

The other characteristic feature of this special apartment is the windows. Two large openings pierce the outside wall section that overlooks Marconi Street.

The owner has set up her bedroom near a “garage” door on the west side. Abundant light appreciated by this artist who devotes herself to painting between two acrobatics. “I personalized the place with some of my creations, made in the loft.”

There are also some pictures hanging on the wall. One, a woman from behind, climbing a rock wall. It’s her. “Squamish is the most beautiful place in Canada for climbing,” she writes from British Columbia. She and her boyfriend landed in Squamish after a long road trip to Arizona and California. They want to continue “to experience nomadic life” and that is why she decided to put her loft up for sale this year. She is asking for $ 319,000.

Common costs amount to $ 2,232 per year. By adding the various taxes to the co-ownership fees, the purchaser’s expenses will be around $ 5,000 annually.

Notice to those whose lease expires on June 30 and who have not yet found their next home: Shirley Marquis is flexible! If no buyer appeared in the short term, she would be ready to rent her loft for $ 1,500 per month. A good opportunity to try the neighborhood before investing there …

The property in brief

Asking price: $ 319,000.

Year of construction: 1955.

Year of transformation: 2005.

Number of rooms: 2 + 1 bathroom.

Includes fridge, washer, dryer, light fixtures, wall air conditioner, ceiling fan.

Municipal assessment (2012): $ 214,600

Property tax (2012): $ 2,134

School tax (2011): $ 433

Near the Jean-Talon market, Jarry park and Parc metro station.

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