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When the bathroom is adorned with wood

The popularity of home spas has led Martin Robert to make baths, sinks and showers made from 100% wood. It is by building a podium for his own bathroom that the young cabinetmaker thought of installing a wooden bathtub rather than acrylic, for a question of beauty.

“At first, my spouse laughed at this idea, he says, but when she saw the result, her reaction was to say“ Wow! ”” Just like the visitors who discovered Martin Robert’s Nature Baths during the last show of Chalets and country houses in Quebec

However, making a wooden bathtub or sink is not done by screaming rabbit. The cabinetmaker had to document himself, question experts, study the different techniques of filming. “I have visited several European websites,” he says, “because wooden bathrooms are quite common there. Before making his first bath, Martin Robert carried out experiments with different species such as pine, cedar, beech and walnut to find that hardwoods presented less difficulty. “The most important thing is to have wood that has dried well,” he explains. Ideally, cabinet wood is ideal because the drying humidity is less than 6%. In addition, the laminates are ultra-resistant. You can add insertions,

The other major difficulty was to find the best way to waterproof its products. To guarantee the watertightness of its baths, showers and sinks, Martin Robert applies four to six coats of a water-based resin made in Quebec. “By using this resin, I am making an environmental gesture,” he says, “because the product does not contain any solvent or volatile organic compounds [VOCs]. Which is perfect for a nature-focused collection. ”

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