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A smart heat pump

A smart heat pump

The Cartier Vert triplex is one of the first to test the heat pump of the company Systèmes HCW, which has the extraordinary ability to manage energy from different sources: ambient air, a geothermal well, solar thermal panels, and even the heat of gray water (shower water) or a dehumidification system.

“The device draws energy where it is most profitable,” explains Charles Garand, building mechanical engineer, refrigeration engineer and founder of HCW Systems. We can program it, for example, so that it draws heat from the ground if the temperature is at -13 C, and that it takes it in the air if it goes back to 0 C. If an occupant wants to cool his accommodation while another wants to heat their own, the system transfers the excess heat from the first to the air from the second. It adapts to the needs of each building. ”

This multisource technology makes it possible to roughly halve the number of geothermal wells required. “And by often interrupting the operation of the underground, it allows geothermal energy to regenerate,” argues Mr. Garand.

HCW Systems will link the components of its system to the main canvas, so that the occupants of Cartier Vert can follow the energy status of their residence at any time on the web. “We could, for example, observe that the house consumes 20 KW of its own equipment and 5 KW of Hydro-Québec,” explains Mr. Garand.

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