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Cube design

Cube design

The architect Laurent McComber, from the agency Les ateliers L. McComber, designed and carried out the renovation, with the exception of the kitchen, of this old house. Upstairs, he developed a block with sand-colored lacquered doors with a satin finish.

Rather than creating a room, it can be profitable to make a compact cube in a house. A true oversized piece of furniture, this layout brings together several services and functions on a minimum living area. Demonstration.

The arrangement of a cube (or “serving block”) makes it possible to optimize the space by bringing together various functions, such as a wardrobe, a bathroom or storage. “It can even contain a kitchen or an office,” notes Laurent McComber.

This architect and general contractor designed and built two blocks during the refurbishment, with the exception of the kitchen, of an old two-story house in Montreal.

The block on the ground floor includes, among other things, a bathroom and a secretary, while another upstairs contains the laundry room and plenty of storage.

“The first advantage of a cube is to concentrate the services in order to make the most of the living space,” explains the founder of the agency Les ateliers L. McComber. Positioned like a large piece of furniture, it visually frees the environment from many everyday objects and, in many cases, it does not reach the ceiling. So the light is not completely blocked and a feeling of space is given. ”

Behind the doors of this “serving block” are a dryer and a washer, as well as storage. A laundry and a laundry basket are contained in this portion of the cube, located near the retractable sliding door opening onto the bathroom.

Photo: Steve Montpetit for the L. McComber Workshops

During the renovation of this property, Laurent McComber grouped, on the upper floor, a laundry room, a laundry room and storage space in a block that occupies approximately 1.4 m2 (15 ft2) and that is adjacent to the staircase. On one side, doors open and give access to the washer, dryer and laundry products. The other side of the block, located right next to the bathroom, contains towels and a laundry basket.

“Of course, we could have built a very small room for laundry. But we would have experienced a feeling of confinement, notes Laurent McComber. Conversely, a cube provides direct access, without having to change rooms, to devices and products. Once the housework is done, all you have to do is close the doors and everything disappears. ”

Finally, this installation, which faces the master bedroom, is located between the parquet floor and a ceiling drop. “It is advantageous to adjust the ceiling heights in a home,” says the architect. This variety distinguishes spaces and creates different atmospheres. In this case, the realization of a fallout also made it possible to align the top of the cube with the top of the doors of the bedroom and the bathroom, which provides an effect of continuity and reduces the number of moldings doors, ”he concludes.

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