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All dressed in marble

All dressed in marble

Among the noble materials most prized in the design world, there is certainly white marble. In addition to the designers who modernize it by integrating it with contemporary furniture, there are the architects who choose it as covering in a current and refined spirit.

Laurent McComber, architect and general contractor, has a passion for natural materials: from marble to travertine, including quartz and local wood species, such as oak, ash and maple. Rather than highlight the richness of these materials, the architect prefers to treat them in a minimalist composition. Clearly, no flafla. Thus, the visual overload traditionally associated with marble and the bling-bling effect are avoided.

For example, Laurent McComber favored white Carrara marble during the refurbishment of a main bathroom, located in an old two-story house in Montreal. After having stripped and renovated the house, with the exception of the kitchen, he designed and remodeled the bathroom from a white marble mosaic, selected by his customers.

“I chose a white marble tile for the walls, in continuity with the mosaic on the ground,” explains the founder of the agency Les ateliers L. McComber. Thus, the whole is uniform, without however appearing monotonous. “Because of their nuances, the veins of marble enliven the layout,” he continues.

Design tip: the presence of sanitary facilities, window frames and even furniture has been reduced, because all of these elements are white. Thus, they blend into the environment. Which makes the atmosphere soothing.

“The cupboards, including the vanity unit, have no handles. This absence of hardware contributes to the disappearance of the furniture in order to better enhance the marble, ”adds the designer.

In the process, the latter noted that it is desirable to plan the arrangement of large tiles, such as those used in this bathroom, starting at the top of the walls. “It is better to finish with narrow tiles at the bottom of the walls. They then take on the appearance of a finishing plinth, ”notes Laurent McComber.

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