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Removable island

Removable island

A functional and friendly island that moves at will for a cocktail or a party. This is a smart idea to eat and celebrate without stepping on your feet.

The architects Stéphanie Plourde and Alexis Naylor, founders of the Atelier Général agency, designed an island perfectly suited to the lifestyle of a couple who loves to cook and who frequently receives in their 1400 ft2 apartment. Nestled in a duplex in the Saint-Henri district, in the Sud-Ouest borough, the place has been completely remodeled by the young duo of designers. Among the solutions used, there is a removable island that fits into the Carrara marble countertop in the kitchen. This layout makes the premises versatile and adapts to all occasions.

Daily practice

Thin at one end, the countertop made of Russian plywood elegantly overlaps the pyre where pieces of firewood are stored. Installed near the trash, it is very practical for preparing meals. Two stools allow you to eat there every day. Otherwise, two or three people can meet there for an aperitif.

“When there are more guests, it is enough to install two removable legs on the island,” explains Alexis Naylor. Then we put it in the space where the wood stove is located and which is surmounted by a skylight. ”

Ideal for receptions

Thanks to felt pads placed under the base, the island moves easily without damaging the parquet. At a reception, bottles of wine, appetizers or tapas are placed on the work surface.

“In this position, it can accommodate several guests and six of them can sit on a stool without obstructing traffic or feeling cramped,” notes Stéphanie Plourde. Despite its rather small dimensions, it is amazing how this island becomes spacious and user-friendly when placed in the center of the space, ”she adds.

Another advantage: its graphic appearance and its simplicity discreetly enhance the kitchen, a case dressed in black MDF illuminated with white marble.

The architect duo Stéphanie Plourde and Alexis Naylor, from the Atelier Général agency, refurbished this apartment and designed a removable island . On a daily basis, it is fixed to the counter. One end, thinned in half, hugs this portion of the Carrara marble counter, located above a pyre. The island is made of Russian plywood and its height is 97 cm (38 in). Two felted pads under the base avoid damaging the parquet when moving the island. The proximity of the bin makes meal preparation easier. This spin unifies the kitchen work area while creating an alcove feeling. It also accommodates several recessed lights. The front of the cabinets is in black lacquered MDF, satin finish.

With two removable legs, the island is moved to the center of the living space during a reception. Several guests can then gather there. Bottles of wine and appetizers are placed on the island, which is 81 cm (32 in) wide by 1.45 m (57 in) long. Carrara marble was chosen to form the backsplash and the worktop. Continuity is therefore assured. Both the coffee counter and the pantry have white lacquered MDF cabinets, satin finish.

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