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Walks and ceramics in Val-David

Join the useful to the pleasant, this summer, it could be to organize a ride in the Laurentians, and take the opportunity to make a detour to Val-David, at the exhibition 1001 Pots, which is held from 13 July to August 12. Some 95 amateurs and artisans gather there this summer to offer the best of current ceramic creation.

Their creations are useful or playful. From year to year, ceramics evolve, making room for tableware as well as art.

There are decorative items, dishes, baking dishes that go in the microwave. We find lamps, furniture, vases, pots (Évelyne Rivest-Savignac, Annie-Cécile Tremblay, Terry Lazarof ), many murals and now life-size works (Marie-Joël Turgeon, Loriane Thibodeau).

Ceramists have decided to take a step further in terms of trends and colors by creating casseroles and tagines (Alain Cousineau, Nancy Bélanger) and refined dishes (Pascale Girardin, Louise Bousquet, Pauline Pelletier). The works of artisans combine in all genres and formats.

They are grouped by creators or presented by themes both outside and inside (garden, kitchen, tableware, tea, sculptures, jewelry, children’s works, sculpture, decoration, collectibles …) .

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