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A small Floridian garden

Thanks to the web, we can now find out what’s going on in people’s yards … even if they live far, very far from Montreal. And even to Florida, where photographer Ryan Marshall shared on his blog all the secrets of his magnificent garden, tinkered with his wife Cole.

Everything was done in a few simple steps: nail wooden slats on the outside wall around the bright red door, attach metal gutters cut in half and, finally, plant tons of lettuce. Herbs, blackberries and green beans also grow in their garden, guaranteeing the happiness of their two young children, who are also learning the basics of gardening. Without forgetting the teepee, planted in the courtyard, refuge par excellence during the months of intense heat. All they have to do is enjoy the summer, cooling off in the shade of the orange tree while the little ones are having fun in the metal pool.

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