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Category: Decoration

Category: Decoration

The Architizer app for iPad

Image from Architizer Sophie Ouimet-LamotheThe Press We like the Architizer app for iPad, which provides access to more than 20,000 projects around the world. Projects…

Provence at Lake Brome

A bull’s-eye filters the light in the gallery leading from the main residence to the annex, a huge playground and escape area of ​​6,600 square…

The loft hits a wall

Loft, open concept condos, artist studio style apartment: these words sound sweet to the ears of most potential buyers. However, these spaces without partitions sometimes give…

15 tips to renew your decor

There are many decorating tips that allow you to radically modify an interior at low cost. This is called redesign: repair, refresh, rearrange, store and upgrade….