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High-end rentals

The accommodation with mezzanine is only accessible by the new building.

Photo Alain Roberge, La Presse

  • Marie-France LégerThe Press

As we know, rental apartments are increasingly rare in the center of Montreal.

Photo Alain Roberge, La Presse

The Tremblay-Lespérance couple has bet on small quality spaces, a “European” concept. What matters more, they say, is the height of the ceilings and windows. In the apartments on the top floor, in particular, with a mezzanine, the ceilings rise to 17 feet! And the roof, divided into pretty terraces, offers a wonderful view. The clientele for this kind of area abounds in the Plateau. “These are young people, couples, professionals who do not want to buy right away, who travel quite a bit. These are not areas for those who stay in the house. ”

In one of the apartments on the top floor, with mezzanine, the ceiling is 17 feet high.

Photo Alain Roberge, La Presse

“We tried to offer high-end, quality housing,” says Catherine Tremblay. The designer has designed integrated kitchen and bathroom furniture in walnut. She chose bamboo flooring. The idea of ​​the mobile dresser island is also from the designer. Solid, walnut doors are 92 inches tall. In each of the dwellings, the finish of the kitchen cabinets and cupboards is slightly different, comprising either yellow, red, orange or green. Besides, no two accommodations are identical! The interior staircase is made of roasted wood and galvanized steel, and its steps are made of pale green ceramic.

Rather than the six dwellings that the two triplexes would usually have, we created no less than 14! But beware: there is no question of putting the tenants in match boxes, with the neighbor in his living room. “Here, given the proximity of the accommodation, we have created a staggered effect”, underline the creators. Thus, the living rooms are not opposite as in most poorly tied condos.

Walnut everywhere: on furniture and on doors.

Photo Alain Roberge, La Presse

Rental costs? $ 900 for 400 square feet. In the old building, a three-bedroom unit rents for $ 1,700. But why choose to build rental rather than condos that they would sell at high prices? “We have already built condos that we have sold,” says Mr. Lespérance. Now we want to keep what we have achieved. ”

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